Friday, January 26, 2007

Continue to Raise Our Voices on Issue of Voting

Fr. Adam Hertzfeld - all the way from the Pontifical College in Rome - has added his comments to my Vote Your Values post from earlier this month, which highlighted a letter to the editor of the Catholic Chronicle authored by Fr. Hertzfeld:
We must continue to raise our voices on the issue of voting. Those who would make all issues equal clearly have cloaked their real motives. It seems clear to me that such people believe that abortion is an acceptable fact of life, a necessary part of the so-called "liberation of women"--either that, or they are morally blind to the great value of human life. We cannot assume that such blindness has come about in an inculpable way. Therefore, our prayers for those who would deny the right to life its proper place in the heirarchy of values must be all the more fervent, and our actions as well.
(emphasis added)

Thank you for your comments, Fr. Hertzfeld.



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