Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Media Sycophant Says: "Joe Biden Does Something Heroic"

Lloyd Garver writes for CBS:
(CBS) Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.) was in the news recently for saying some things that he wished he hadn't said. Presumably intending to compliment Barack Obama, Biden made some remarks that were patronizing, at best. I salute him.

Why? Do I approve of making thoughtless remarks about African-Americans? Of course not. Do I think he should have thought before he spoke? You bet. But I admire him for what he didn't do. After saying something stupid and embarrassing and potentially harmful to his career, he didn't run off to a rehab center.

Biden took responsibility for his actions, didn't blame them on anything that happened in his childhood, and apologized. That kind of heroic behavior is very rare today.

My Comments:
Is this guy kidding? "Heroic"? Does anyone remember when words actually meant something?

I wonder what Trent Lott thinks about all this. Say some nice things about an old man at his 100th birthday party, get tarred as a racist and lose your job. Make an actual racist comment, and get congratulated as "heroic" when you apologize. Why the difference?

Oh yeah, the former example has an "R" next to his name, while the latter has a "D" next to his. To paraphrase one commenter at FreeRepublic, everytime a Democrat takes a dump, the media is there to turn it into a rose.

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