Thursday, June 15, 2006

In Columbus With The Episcopalians ...

... or, "What Dave Saw at the Freak Show".

Amy Welborn posts an interesting exchange from Dave Hartline's report from the Episcopal Church's General Convention in Columbus, Ohio:
Dave Hartline Some of the conservative folks think the Episcopal Church isn’t following the Scriptures. How do you answer their concerns?

Bishop Chilton Knudson Well that is an interesting question and unfortunately time constraints doesn’t permit me to answer it.

It was awfully nice of her to give me some time. However, I needed someone I could speak with who could talk to for more than just a few minutes. Fortunately, I came across Herschel Hartfield of Arkansas. He’s an alternate delegate.

Dave Hartline I just spoke with Bishop Chilton and she was pressed for time so I was wondering if you could answer the question the conservative folks are asking. Is the Episcopal Church following Scripture.

Herschel Hartford You know scripture is more than the meaning of words. It is the meaning of the word. I believe we are following the overall word of God. We are accepting people as God sends them to us. How anyone can say, that they can’t accept a person who has certain feelings contrary to their own, is beyond my understanding. Where in Scripture does it say we should have a blessing of the animals, or boats and houses? We bless all of those things. I am a heterosexual man who is married and has six kids. I don't understand how anyone could be against blessing a consensual relationship.

Dave Hartline The traditional side says 2,000 years of Christian tradition is being altered. How do you respond?

Herschel Hartford Who are we to tell someone how to live and think?

Dave Hartline Do you think there is any black and white in the Episcopal Church?

Herschel Hartford Yes, we are against poverty, racism, sexism and bias against sexual orientation.

Dave Hartline Is abortion black and white

Herschel Hartford No, it is in the eye of the beholder. It is a very complicated issue.
My Comments:
With the Episcopal Church, we seem to have found a new candidate for the title of "Democrat Party at Prayer".

But hey, they dig U2, so they can't be ALL bad. Right?


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