Monday, March 18, 2013

Long Live Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI ...

Amy Welborn, noting that the fact Benedict is still alive colors much of how this papal transition is being discussed, does a stellar job of defending Benedict's record against those who would paint him in a less favorable light compared to his successor, Pope Francis

At least while the man is still alive, I DO feel an emotional need to defend him from the likes of the sneeringly jubilant tweets of that despicable reprobate Roger Mahony.



At 3/18/2013 11:25 PM, Blogger Michael Bradley said...

I feel the same mix of emotions. I can still recall the joy I expereinced in 2005 when I saw our German Pope emerge. I feel like I'm being disloyal to Benedict by being overjoyed with Francis. And I definitely identify more with Benedict, at least style-wise (so far). I'm saddended that Benedict will write not more. At least the Ratzinger Reading Group at my parish will now have a finite number of works to get through. I'm already tired of the MSM hype of Francis' humilty, which kind of defeats the purpose. It's as if it's a subtle jab at Benedict implying he was not. The move toward liturgical sanity Benedict pushed for, was not done alone or in a vacuum. Many newly ordained priests I have encoutered who entered seminary under JPII lean toward liturgical orthodoxy, so I think that was and is and will be the general trend. So Benedict we might have only had Benedict for 8 years as pope, but we have 40+ years of writings to contemplate and he did leave a lasting impact, even if the MSM and 60's holdovers in various Chancery offices refuse to acknlowledge it.


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