Friday, August 31, 2012

Be Afraid, Democrats. Be VERY Afraid.

No, not afraid of Mitt Romney (although hard-core leftist Michael Moore is now, in the wake of what appears to be a highly successful GOP convention, warning people to "start to practice the words ‘President Romney’"). If I were the Democrats, what I would find FAR more frightening than the prospect of a "President Romney" is what comes afterwards.

More than anything else, what the GOP Convention primarily displayed this past week was the depth of the Republican bench. There is a good possibility that AT LEAST 3 future Presidents may have spoken during the Republican Convention, and a good number of others who very well could find themselves at either the top or the bottom of one or more future presidential tickets. And the Democrats have very little to offer at the moment to match that.

WHO do the Democrats have to put up to rival a Paul Ryan, a Marco Rubio, a Susana Martinez, a Bobby Jindal, a Nikki Haley, and a Rob Portman? And what about the GOP's keynote speaker who very well could've been a contender this go-round if he had wanted - who on the Democrat side of the aisle can match the heft of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (pun only slightly intended)? And then there's Condi Rice (yeah, I know, she has some issues) and that delightful and beautiful mayor from Utah, Mia Love. Shall I mention the Republican's strong farm system that consists of some very outstanding, enterprising, and up-and-coming governors?

In contrast, when you look at the Democrat Party’s scheduled line-up, all you’ll see is a bunch of has-beens and never-wases, wallowing in their “victim” status. I ask you: Who is the “future” of the Democrat Party? The clear-cut answer is Hillary Clinton !!! Talk about “Back to the ‘Future’”. After that, who do they have? Debbie Wassermann Schultz? Sandra Fluke?

Seriously, if the Democrats are smart (yeah, I know), THAT will be their take-away from this Convention. Be afraid of “President Romney” as Moore aptly warns. But be EVEN MORE afraid of what comes after, ’cause you got nothin’ to match it, and, what’s worse, you’re not even aware of it. And your strategy of going back to the so-called “war on women” well yet again (it might’ve worked 20 years ago in 1992, but, again, we’re talking about the future) PROVES that you got nothin’ and that you’re not even trying to build a decent farm system with solid prospects for the future.

That smell you should be smelling would be the smell of Democrats dropping a collective pantload if they had any notion of what the lineup of speakers at the GOP Convention portend for their future.

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