Thursday, May 31, 2012

Former Catholic Democrat - Now Independent - Reveals Anti-Catholic Tactics and Agenda (To Which He Was Once Privy) of the DemoCath/ObamaCath Elite

Don't walk ... RUN ... over to The American Catholic to see former Democrat candidate Tim Shipe's must-read expose of the efforts of the Catholic Democrat elites - with the complicity of the Obama Administration - to undermine the Catholic hierarchy as the legitimate and authoritative voices of the Church on matters of Church teaching and public policy:
... Around that time I was trying to work from the inside of the Democratic party - running for Florida State House as a pro-life Democrat, and later serving as Vice President for the Florida Democats for Life organization. This was also the time period where I was invited to become part of a national Catholic Democrats listserve which included such notaries as : Vicki Kennedy, Lisa Sowle Cahill of Boston College, Rev. William D’Antonio and Rev. Anthony Pogorel of the Catholic University of America, Peggy Steinfels of Fordham University, Rev. Thomas Reese of Georgetown, Vincent Miller of Georgetown/U. of Dayton, Dan Maguire of Marquette, Doug Kmeic of Pepperdine, Suzanne Morse of NCR, Chris Korzen of Catholics United, Alexia Kelly of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, Steve Callahan of the AFL-CIO, and others (Eric LeCompte, Nicholas Carfardi, James Salt, Morna Murray, Fred Rotondaro, Kari Lundgren). I never agreed to keep all that passed before my eyes confidential, but I never publicly revealed the basic content until now...

[Read the whole thing]
The thing is, this comes as no surprise, as we've known for many years that this crowd was busy trying to ordain themselves as an "alternative magisterium" to the Pope and the Bishops. But here is a first-hand account from someone who was once "on the inside" as to the organized extent of those efforts. Many thanks to Tim Shipe for bringing this to light.


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