Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CatholicVote Asks “Catholics for Sebelius” to Disown HHS Secretary Whom They Supported With Letter Campaign

Although the Soros-sponsored Democrat front group calling itself "Catholics United" has now scrubbed the incriminating evidence from its website, Matt Bowman at reminds us of the letter that several members of the Catholic left wrote in 2009 demanding that Kathleen Sebelius be confirmed as HHS Secretary:
Nearly 3 years ago, 26 liberal Catholics still crowing over their successful campaign to elect Obama actually felt the urgent need to form a group “Catholics for Sebelius” to support the nomination of that rabidly pro-abortion woman for HHS Secretary. They not only supported her, they called her a model pro-lifer who “lived and acted according to” her agreement with Church teaching against abortion.

It was a false claim even then. Now that Sebelius has finalized her rule forcing religious organizations to fund abortifacient drugs, contraception and sterilization, including drugs that kill embryos, it is a shameless lie. And their letter openly advocated that Sebelius pass and implement Obamacare, which is the instrument of her attack on religious freedom...
Matt continues by demanding that each of the signatories to that infamous letter recant their support and denounce Secretary Sebelius for her actions in mandating that religious organizations, including the Catholic Church, provide funding for contraceptives:
This is not political anymore. It never really was. Show some integrity to clean up this anti-religious, anti-life mess you have created.

Ambassador Elizabeth Frawley Bagley
Professor Lisa Sowle Cahill
Nicholas Cafardi
William D’Antonio
Professor Miguel H. Diaz
Michael Duffy
Julia Dowd
Professor Joseph Fahey
Professor Richard Gaillardetz
Fr. David Hollenbach
James P. Joseph
Christopher Korzen
Steven Krueger
Professor Douglas Kmiec
Delores Leckey
Eric LeCompte
Kari J. Lundgren
Professor Jerome Maryon
Fr. Thomas Massaro
Professor Vincent Miller
Professor David O’Brien
Fr. Thomas Reese
Maria Riley
Professor Stephen Schneck
Margaret O’Brien Steinfels
Dr. Patrick Whelan

P.S. I am not just suggesting they merely whitewash the existence of the letter. Just taking it down with no explanation would be a cop out. You’ve been telling the world for three years you specifically are “Catholics for Sebelius.” So make it known that this has changed...
Meanwhile, in related posts at CatholicVote, Tom Peters argues that the HHS Ruling will prove to be a litmus test for pro-Obama Catholics, and that some of the usual suspects on the Catholic left are already beginning to show where their allegiances really lie.

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