Thursday, September 08, 2011

Mark Steyn: Perry Right, Romney Wrong on Social Security

[SERIOUS CONTENT WARNING - I am in one of those moods UPDATE: Okay, mood has passed, so I've edited for content]

It's bad enough for a Republican (albeit a flip-flopping, pandering, pro-abort, health-care-mandating, Rockefeller RINO fraud) to resort to the demogogic Social Security scare tactics of the left in attacking another Repubican primary opponent, but I honestly NEVER thought I'd see the day when National Review would actually defend such nonsense. [REDACTED]

Fortunately, not every contributor at National Review has been coopted into pro-Romney hackery. Apparently, it takes a politically correct socialist "paradise" like Canada to produce a conservative intellectual with the clarity of thinking and ability to concisely cut through all the crap to get to the heart of the obvious truth of the sort that was once the hallmark of National Review, before it became a polical organ of the eastern establishment GOP:
... The fact that Rick Perry’s statement of the obvious is even “controversial” is testament to how diseased our public discourse is. Nevertheless, Maggie concludes by saying we should cut everything else until we’ve “fully funded Social Security for the next 50 years”:
A pension plan with an army. From a libertarian perspective, is that so bad?
Assuming that’s a serious question, I’ll rise to the bait. Taxing young people ever more onerously to prop up entitlements for older generations who enjoyed all the benefits of a prosperous America their grandchildren will never know is a great way to sever what little is left of the social compact...

... Whether or not, as Maggie says, 25-year-olds vote for Social Security, more and more Americans understand that we have looted the future to bribe the present, and that Social Security is Exhibit A in that indictment.
Exactly. Romney would rob your children to satiate his desperate yearning to be in the White House. I expect that from Democrats and leftists. Not people claiming to be "conservative". That makes him worse than Obama in my book.

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At 9/09/2011 12:05 PM, Blogger Dad29 said...

Clearly, Romney has not understood the revolution in the heartland.

Maybe he never even heard that it's happening.

Case #1: Wisconsin.


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