Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FLASH: Sun Makes Things Hot !!!

Some European scientists obviously haven't gotten the memo from Algore that they're to be treated as the equivalent of racists:
If Michael Crichton had lived to write a follow-up to State of Fear, the plotline might well have gone like this: at a top secret, state of the art laboratory in Switzerland, scientists finally discover the true cause of “global warming”. It’s the sun, stupid. More specifically – as the Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark has long postulated – it’s the result of cosmic rays which act as a seed for cloud formation. The scientists working on the project are naturally euphoric: this is a major breakthrough which will not only overturn decades of misguided conjecture on so-called Man Made Global Warming but will spare the global economy trillions of dollars which might otherwise have been squandered on utterly pointless efforts to reduce anthropogenic CO2 emissions. However, these scientists have failed to realise just how many people – alarmist scientists, huckster politicians, rent-seeking landowners like (the late Michael Crichton’s brilliant and, of course, entirely fictional creation) the absurd, pompous Sir Reginald Leeds Bt, green activists, eco-fund managers, EU technocrats, MSM environmental correspondents – stand to gain from the Man Made “Climate Change” industry. Their discovery must be suppressed at all costs. So, one by one, the scientists on the cosmic ray project find themselves being bumped off, until only one man remains and must race against time to prove, etc, etc…

Except of course in the real world the second part wouldn’t happen. No one would need to go to the trouble of bumping off those pesky scientists with their awkward, annoying facts and their proper actual research. That’s because the MSM and the scientific “community” would find it perfectly easy to suppress the story anyway, without recourse to severed brake cables or ricin-impregnated hand-washes or staged “suicides”.

This is exactly what has happened with the latest revelations from CERN over its landmark CLOUD experiment...

[Read the whole thing]
My Comments:
Whenever "science" is described as "settled", leaving no room for scholarly disagreement and completely dispensing with the scientific method; whenever "science" comes packaged with a one-world authoritarian collectivist policy agenda that allows central planners to to do the same thing for environmental reasons under the guise of "Green" what they failed to do for socio-political-economic reasons under the guise of "Red"; whenever "science" comes complete with its own set of talking points that demonizes dissent and skepticism to the point of treating opponents as the equivalent of "racists" and bullying respected scientists into silent submission and/or unemployment: then that "science" is a complete load of bullshit of which we should not only be skeptical, but outraged at the fraud being perpetrated upon us.

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