Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Romney's "Winning" Message to Voters? "I Worked With Ted Kennedy to Pass RomneyCare"

Good grief:
Reporting from Concord, N.H.— As Democratic and Republican leaders in Washington struggled to find agreement on spending cuts and extending the debt limit, Mitt Romney struck a conciliatory note in New Hampshire on Monday by lamenting partisan feuding while touting his record of working with Democrats -- even the Senate's onetime liberal lion Edward M. Kennedy.


One issue that Kennedy and Romney worked closely on was legislation expanding healthcare coverage in Massachusetts. He recalled, to laughter, that at the ceremonial signing of the Massachusetts healthcare law, the Democrat had joked that when he and Romney agreed on a piece of legislation "it proves only one thing – one of us didn't read it."

"The truth was we had both read it and we'd found some common ground," Romney said, "and I think that has to happen in Washington."
Someone please save the GOP from themselves before they actually nominate this stiff.

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