Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When Mikey Sean Winters is Crying ...

... that generally means there's cause for faithful Catholics (or at least those who try to be faithful and aren't in open dissent) to rejoice.

(Hat tip: Larry D)

A special thanks to Paul Zummo for this:

Previous Pro Ecclesia posts on that ugly, boorish, small-minded piece of work Michael Sean Winters:
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REPOSTED and UPDATED: "... Dollars to Doughnuts ..."

"... Dollars to Doughnuts ..."

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At 10/20/2010 1:35 PM, Blogger Paul Zummo said...

I think this clip from South Park just about encapsulates what I felt reading that post.

At 10/20/2010 2:30 PM, Blogger LarryD said...

Thanks for the link Jay. I didn't realize you were such a MSW fan! j/k!

At 10/22/2010 12:49 PM, Blogger DP said...

Winters is a textbook example of what happens when you undergo a classectomy.


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