Friday, October 22, 2010

Anderson's Law Meets the Ultimate Political Low

Missouri Democrat Russ Carnahan sponsors a website that tries to tie the priest scandal to his Catholic opponent:
... Today Russ Carnahan admitted to hiring Democratic operative investigator Michael Corwin to smear Republican Ed Martin.

Corwin put together a disgusting website that tried to link Republican Ed Martin to the Catholic Church priest scandal.


Here is the
press release from the Ed Martin campaign:
Corwin’s approach in service to Russ Carnahan is to imply that I was somehow involved with the criminal conduct of priests within the St. Louis Archdiocese. The proof? I worked there. Many people have served faithfully and to the best of their ability in churches all over St. Louis. Is it now the new standard that Catholics who serve their church are open to being slandered like this?

To speak directly to the implied accusation: I worked for the Catholic Church doing education and advocacy about charity and service to our community. I had zero involvement or authority on the adjudication or disposition of those accused of crimes or wrongdoing. The only scandal I was responding to was that the Human Rights Office was supporting goals and making contributions to organizations that reflected poorly on the Church and her mission.

The abuse scandals that has been rocking the church for years is a still-open wound. There is still much work to be done to heal and make whole those who were betrayed by the men and women of the Church. Much work is being done by men and women in the church who tirelessly pour their hearts into these victims. Dragging this scandal into the political world is a heartbreaking tactic. This is not being done to pursue justice, healing or reckoning. It is a vulgar attempt to maintain power by an unpopular politician.
Later today Russ Carnahan admitted to hiring Corwyn for the job.

[Read the whole thing]
(emphasis is Gateway Pundit's)

Hat tip: Creative Minority Report.

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