Friday, July 02, 2010

The "D" Makes All the Difference

Bill Clinton's eulogy of the late Sen. Robert Byrd proves that, as long as you put a "D" next to your name, there's no manner of despicable activity that you can engage in for which your fellow travelers and the media will not make excuses for you.

But heaven forbid you say some kind things about an old man at his birthday party and have an "R" next to your name. You'll lose your job over it.

More from HotAir:
... contra Billy Jeff, Byrd’s association with the Klan wasn’t exactly “fleeting.” He joined in 1942; four years later, he was still babbling about his hope for a KKK renaissance in West Virginia. And 18 years after that, he famously filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Nothing necessarily racist about opposing a statute, of course, but then that logic didn’t save Rand Paul a few months ago when he raised libertarian concerns about a single section of that same law (before reiterating that he would have voted for it anyway). Exit question: How bad, precisely, do your actions have to be before the “he was just trying to get elected” defense doesn’t cut it?
(emphasis added)

That's a good question. For the 100% absolutely correct answer to the question of what action is beyond the pale for these people, click here.

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