Monday, June 28, 2010

Washington Post Profile of Catholic Father of 6 Running for Congress

The Washington Post has a profile of Real World alum (and husband of Real World alumna Rachel Campos-Duffy), Sean Duffy, who is running for the congressional seat in Wisconsin being vacated by David Obey: "Will Sean Duffy of 'The Real World' be picked to serve in the House?"
... Duffy minimizes the effect that "The Real World" has had on his political career. On the campaign trail, he plays up the outlines of his life now, which is much more sedate. He is a champion lumberjack, and at one point he held the world-record time for pole climbing. He and Rachel, who has been a recurring guest host of "The View" and recently wrote a book about being a happy stay-at-home mom, have six children. In the beginning, the run for Congress was a protest against big government and Washington excesses, he said.

"Most people told me I was crazy," said Duffy, a self-described "pro-life, pro-traditional-marriage, pro-gun, pro-Second Amendment" candidate in a district that President Obama won by 14 points and that has consistently backed Obey.

Against big odds, Duffy had a few good turns -- including lots of national ink when Sarah Palin endorsed him on the anniversary of the passage of the $787 billion federal stimulus package, of which Obey was the lead author. The lumberjack looked prescient rather than crazy when Obey decided last month not to run for reelection, saying he was "bone tired." Now Duffy finds himself in a race rated by political arbiters as a tossup...
Here's Duffy's campaign website, if you're interested in making a contribution.

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