Monday, May 03, 2010

Palin Forces Media to Pony Up a Pro-Life Donation in Order to Cover Her Speech to Pro-Life Group

Creative Minority Report calls it a "Win-Win":
... The media follows her relentlessly attempting to find one slip of the tongue that they can use against her. They video tape every public appearance in hope that this time she will slip up and they will have the video to prove it.

Sarah knows this and has decided to use it for advantage. Not her own advantage, mind you, but to the advantage of the unborn.

Palin was giving a speech to a pro-life group. She and the group decided if the media wanted to tape her speech in their perpetual pursuit of the soundbyte o'death, they would have to support life to do it.

Palin made the media purchase tickets to the event and the proceeds went to the pro-life cause. That is sweet...

Even some on the left grudgingly acknowledge that this is "a pretty neat trick".

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