Friday, March 26, 2010

Sister Carol Disinvited from D.C.-Based John Carroll Society Speaking Gig

American Papist first reported the news yesterday that Sister Carol Keehan (who just last week worked overtime in undermining the official Catholic stance of the U.S. Bishops opposing federally funded abortion as part of the health care bill) had been invited to speak at the John Carroll Society's Annual Dinner & Awards event in Washington D.C. on April 16th:
... The John Carroll Society operates “in service to the Archbishop of Washington”.

Sr. Keehan has spent the last months actively serving against the bishops of the United States. She has conspired against them, been rewarded for her services to the other side, and has confused Catholics across the country. When Catholic unity in defense of life was most needed, she abandoned it for personal, ideological and financial reasons.

Obviously the JCS extended this invitation to Sister Keehan’s before knowledge of her activities on behalf of the Democrat leadership became known. However, just as the Susan B. Anthony List has had to change their decision to honor Rep. Stupak after his 11th-hour betrayal, so should the JCS dis-invite Sr. Keehan after her harmful campaign against Catholic public unity and advocacy during this critical debate...
Today comes word that Sister Carol has now been disinvited from the event:
... This message was sent to members of the society:
Sister Carol Keehan has decided that our annual dinner this year is not the appropriate time to address our Society and friends. We continue to be grateful to her for her many years of service to the Church and especially the poor and those in need.
Of course, this was an incredibly diplomatic way to avoid any further tensions. I’m satisfied with this solution, but I dislike the implication that there could be an appropriate time for Sr. Keehan to again address a Catholic gathering.

If any time would be appropriate, it would be after or during her public apology to the faithful.
I'm actually a little surprised by this turn of events.

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