Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Notre Shame Fails the "Catholic" Test Yet Again

Preeminent Catholic legal scholar, Prof. Charles Rice, who writes a regular column that appears in the Notre Dame student newspaper, submits a column on the Church's teaching regarding homosexuality, and the editor of the student newspaper rejects it because it isn't in a "point-counterpoint format" that offers "an opposing or differing viewpoint":
That way, each “side,” [so] to speak, would have the opportunity to present relevant facts, evidence and analysis to define its position.
So, at America's flagship "Catholic" university, the Church's timeless Magisterial teachings represent merely one viewpoint that needs to be "balanced" by what? The secularist viewpoint? As The Curt Jester points out:
America Magazine tried that both sides format until their editor supposedly got sacked for it... This is just not an area where Catholics can have differing viewpoints and still be faithful to the Church.
But is anyone REALLY surprised by the fact that the Notre Dame student newspaper is taking such an approach? I mean, when the Church's timeless Magisterial teachings regarding abortion are treated by the University administration as something open for "dialogue", and the advocates of abortion on demand are honored with prominent speaking positions and honorary law degrees all in the name of "the exchange of ideas", it is no wonder that the students under their charge are left with the impression that the teachings of the Catholic Church are up for debate.

Do read The Curt Jester's entire piece on the exchange of letters between the still-wet-behind-the-ears editor-in-chief of a frickin' student newspaper and one of the world's preeminent scholars of the Natural Law and the Catholic legal tradition (to whom the clueless upstart refers as "Mr. Rice", as opposed to "Dr. Rice" or "Prof. Rice").

Also, be sure to read Prof. Rice's column, which The Curt Jester has reprinted in full, to see if you can spot the "certain language" with which the editor "was a bit concerned" and feared did not "len[d] itself to creating a productive discussion".

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