Tuesday, February 09, 2010

"The Gore Effect" Strikes Again

"The Gore Effect" is a well-documented phenomenon. In fact, "The Gore Effect" is probably a much more accurate prediction of weather and climate patterns than is the global warming "science" that Al Gore has spent the better part of 2 decades pimping.

Well, it seems "The Gore Effect" has struck again:
As D.C. continued to dig out from Snowmageddon and is keeping an eye on another storm system, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was busy making a climate change announcement.

NOAA, part of the Department of Commerce, is going to be providing information to individuals and decision-makers through a new NOAA Climate Service office. “More and more, Americans are witnessing the impacts of climate change in their own backyards, including sea-level rise, longer growing seasons, changes in river flows, increases in heavy downpours, earlier snowmelt and extended ice-free seasons in our waters. People are searching for relevant and timely information about these changes to inform decision-making about virtually all aspects of their lives,” the release says.

Earlier snowmelt? That would be nice.

Turns out the release was planned prepared ahead of the snowstorm, which shut federal agencies today and forced its senders to hold a press conference by telephone instead of at the National Press Club.

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At 2/09/2010 11:26 AM, Blogger Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Please stop by and see my snowman, whom my husband and I named Al.

He's right here.

At 2/10/2010 9:51 AM, Blogger Mr. Xyz said...

That image of Gore cracks me up.
This page goes to a climate science spoof video and a link to an old article on the Gore effect:



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