Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Now THAT'S What I Call "Fair and Balanced"

A new blog to the religion and politics scene, Stained Glass Politics, has reviewed this blog.

What I find most interesting and compelling about this particular review (aside from the fact that the review of my blog is one of the very first posts on Stained Glass Politics) is that the blog's proprietor, while acknowledging a different worldview than my own, presents my point of view accurately, fairly, and without dismissing my views as illegitimate or backward:
Jay Anderson takes his faith seriously. The law school graduate and former small-town mayor is a convert to Roman Catholicism, and holds a staunchly conservative interpretation of his religion. His blog, described as “a Catholic blog covering matters related to Church, Family, and Politics,” highlights current events that deal primarily with the role of religion in public life.


Agree or disagree, Jay Anderson’s blog is informed and relevant, and demands consideration as we look into how religion figures into the way individuals participate in the national discourse. Moreover, it’s more productive to engage in dialogue with people who sincerely believe in their faith, and in Catholicism I find that converts often argue most persuasively and passionately than ambivalent ‘cradle Catholics’. I like hearing what hardliners like Anderson have to say and how they see political events like the Massachusetts election because it is often so different from (1) the way I see the world and (2) the way the American media portrays people of faith, namely those with strong and vocal opinions...

In the context of an overall balanced appraisal, I can even overlook the description of me as a "hardliner".


Thanks to Stained Glass Politics for its fair and balanced assessment of this blog, for expressing disagreement agreeably, and for setting an example to me to try to do a better job of being less rancorous toward those with whom I have religious and political differences.

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At 1/26/2010 11:36 AM, Blogger Katie said...

Nice review :)


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