Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pro-Life Catholic Rubio Pulls Even With Crist in Florida Senate Race

Deal Hudson reports:
Rasmussen is reporting that challenger Marco Rubio , a pro-life Catholic, has pulled even with his GOP rival, Gov. Charlie Crist, in the Florida Senate Race.


This is not good news for Crist who has a ten million dollar war-chest and the backing of much of the Republican establishment.

One GOP leader who is not backing Crist, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), hosted a small dinner last night in DC for Mark Rubio. I found Rubio very appealing as a candidate and a person -- 38 years old, the father of four young children, Rubio left the table to call home and tell his children 'goodnight' just before bedtime. Rubio, from the Cuban community of Miami, obviously didn't do this for show -- he often spoke in a self-effacing way about his wife, Jeanette, who reminds him to take out the garbage and "move those boxes."

Rubio still has the dash and charm of a young man, but he's a seasoned politician having just finished eight years in the Florida legislature, rising to Majority Whip, Majority Leader, and Speaker of the House.

I will be publishing a longer feature on Rubio, with an interview, in the next few days...

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