Tuesday, November 03, 2009

NEVER Believe a Press Account that Begins "Vatican Says ...", "Vatican Declares ...", or Especially "Vatican Condemns ..."

Tito has the story at The American Catholic.

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At 11/03/2009 11:40 PM, Blogger Tito Edwards said...

Thanks Jay for the link!

I'm assuming the Drudge Report pulled their link up due to my email. The only facts that I have is that I noticed the link down about four hours after I sent in the email (I sent in the email around 3am).

Other than that, Jack Smith of The Catholic Key Blog deserves most of the credit for his work in tracking down the source of the L'Osservatore Romano article.

Boy I've now mastered the spelling of L'Osservatore Romano due to all the emails! lol!


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