Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The American Catholic: "From Tiny Acorns Mighty Scandals Grow"

Don McClarey has an intriguing post at The American Catholic regarding ACORN, a group with close ties to the Democrat Party and President Obama, which has now decided to expand its organized criminal enterprise to include prostitution in addition to its normal voter fraud activities. Be sure to read the comments, as well. This comment, in particular, raises an interesting point:
Am I remembering correctly that back around the election, conservative Catholics were being scolded for objecting to the bishops funnelling a million or so from the Catholic Campaign For Human Development into these folks?
See also, Matthew Archbold's post at Creative Minority Report: "ACORN Should Be Closed For Stupidity".

One positive thing coming from this scandal is that it answers, once and for all, the question about what, exactly, a "community organizer" does.

"We're just community organizers,
just like the president used to be.

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