Thursday, August 20, 2009

Words Can't Describe

The Cranky Conservative refers to Mark McKinnon as a "vile piece of human waste" for writing this ad hominem attack in reference to Rick Santorum's possibly having presidential aspirations:
I’m a pretty tolerant guy, but beyond his ideology, some of Santorum’s behavior is just a little bizarre. For example, Santorum has six children. In 1996, he had son born prematurely who lived for only two hours. He and wife brought the child home and introduced the dead infant to the rest of their children as “your brother Gabriel” and slept with the body overnight.
Cranky's description, however, is an insult to vile pieces of human waste everywhere. There are not words strong enough to describe just how much worse that a disgusting piece of shite Mark McKinnon is.

To his credit, McKinnon - who obviously tarnished his "raise the level of dialogue" image with such a screed - has issued an apology to Santorum.

I still don't like him. He can apologize all he wants (and he should), but the fact that he wrote what he wrote reveals an ugliness in the thinking of Mark McKinnon. That excerpt was just the worst bit. The whole piece was an attack on Santorum's family values.

By the way, the fact that McKinnon is a Bush guy makes me think just that much less of GWB. The fact that he was also a McCain guy? Well, I'm not sure I could possibly think less of McCain than I already do.

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