Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Political Realignment Among Catholics?

Deal Hudson writes at InsideCatholic:
Daniel McCarthy at the American Conservative web site makes some insightful comments about the political impact of Ted Kennedy's death on the Catholic alignment with the Democratic Party. Citing the loyalty many Catholic voters felt toward the Kennedy family, McCarthy thinks it might enable more Catholics to move toward the GOP.

McCarthy adds that Republicans have a "better chance of cultivating the next high-profile political Catholic." Well, yes and no.

Yes, because McCarthy notes most of the GOP Catholics stand in good stead with the Church. But, no, because most GOP leadership is clueless as to how and why such cultivation would be advantageous. Democrats work hard at building those relationships with the Church -- Republicans do it in fits and starts, mostly fits.

There are a number of promising, new Catholic faces in the Congress. As McCarthy says, if the GOP "can get its act together," their potential for national leadership among Catholic voters will be tapped.

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