Friday, July 31, 2009

Creative Minority Reports Exposes Hypocrisy of National Catholic Reporter

National Catholic Reporter is "outraged" that someone would say something mean about the President. However, such "outrage" is blatantly selective, given the publication's own past with making "outrageous" comments about the previous occupant of the Oval Office.

Matthew Archbold does the legwork to expose the hypocrisy that, apparently, no one at National Catholic Reporter imagined would be done. Not that it takes much work to expose that bunch as complete frauds.

But I must say that the way in which Michael Sean Winters pivots and turns what begins as a (perhaps deserved) blast against TV commentator Glenn Beck into a wholly gratuitous diatribe against Prof. Robert George is an impressive sight to behold. One doesn't aquire that knack for tenuous guilt by association without lots of practice. It has to be finely honed into the artform as practiced by folks like Mikey and his good friend Tony A. Indeed, it would seem that Mikey and his good friend Tu Quoque Tony must be comparing notes.

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