Monday, July 27, 2009

China Begins to "Figure it Out" on Demographics

Mark Steyn writes at The Corner:
On page 5 of my notoriously "alarmist" book, I asked, "Will China be the hyperpower of the 21st century?", and answered no: It will get old before it's got rich.

Like Japan and Russia and the "experts" at The Economist, China has now begun to figure it out. From the London Times:

China Steps Back From One-Child Policy

By the way, demographic decline is one more reason why they're never gonna sign on to the ecochondriacs' emissions regime. A cheap labor market with aging and dwindling labor doesn't need any more self-inflicted wounds.

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At 7/27/2009 8:38 PM, Anonymous Rennie said...

While not as ruthless as China's one- (or two-) child laws, anti-population policies and programs flourish in the social welfare states of the former Christendom. The promise that the State will dole out money to the elderly tempts many people to plan on a comfortable old age paid for by taxes on other people's kids. This long-time-span version of coveting a neighbor's goods has resulted in the crash in birthrates seen throughout the industrialized West.


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