Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Politically Motivated?

Amy Welborn disposes of the contention that the Bishops (and their "acolytes") who speak out against pro-abortion politicians are motivated by purely political concerns:
... Of course, bringing the word "politics" into a religion discussion is a tactic used to immediately discredit the other side. You know that right? It doesn't matter if the assertion is true or not, if secular political considerations are actually a controlling factor in decisions or discourse. To accuse someone, especially a bishop, of "playing politics" is to render their position suspect.

We have seen this for years in the discussions of abortion-rights-supporting politicians and the Eucharist. (The few) bishops who have stated that their understanding of canon law moves them to declare that abortion-rights supporting Catholic politicians have cut themselves off from the Eucharist are accused of "politicizing the Eucharist." Which never made any sense to me. If a bishop said, "You're a Democrat. You can't receive Communion." That's politicizing the Eucharist. But focusing on a position and support for organizations that provide and promote abortion is not about politics. It's about moral issues that do happen to have a political dimension...

[Read the whole thing]
Of course, the President's sycophantic Democrat-first apologists show up in the comboxes to accuse the Bishops of "politicizing things", which looks suspiciously like an effort to discredit them, and rather makes Amy's point for her.

There is clearly one side in this debate that is arguing from purely political motivation; it just so happens to be the side that keeps bringing up politics.

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