Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NY Times Loves "Mocking Provincial Mediocrity ... to Appease Yen for Regional Condescension on the Coasts"; Condemns "Jeering at Liberal Pieties"

Matthew Archbold, writing at Creative Minority Report, ridicules an "unintentionally funny piece" in The New York Times:
The New York Times has written the most unintentionally funny piece I've read in a long time. In short, The New York Times doesn't think Mike Judge is funny anymore. Mind you, they thought he was hilarious when he created the show 'King of the Hill' because they saw it as mocking middle America but now Judge's new show "The Goodes" is mocking political correctness. And the NYT is not happy.

The Times introduces the piece by saying "King of the Hill" was great because essentially the dumb rubes in middle America didn't know they were being made fun of while the show "mocked provincial mediocrity enough to appease the yen for religious condescension on the coasts."

Yup. They actually wrote that.


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