Monday, May 18, 2009

Notre Dame Commencement Wrap-Up [UPDATED]

Amy Welborn has Notre Dame Commencement wrap-up coverage here, here, here, and here. Read them all.

I paid no attention to yesterday's activities at Notre Dame. It was Gracie's 2nd birthday, and our family had better things to do (and a more worthy person to celebrate).

By the way, the only "winner" in this imbroglio are the culture of death and Obama's cult of personality.

When the voice of a pro-life protester can be booed and shouted down with cheers of "Yes we can!" and the President's pro-ESCR statements can receive a standing ovation by those participating in graduation exercsises at the world's preeminent Catholic university, Our Blessed Mother, for whom said university is named, can surely only be weeping bitter tears.

Says Ron Chandonia, commenting at Amy's blog:
Whitney got this one exactly right:
I may not agree with him but he and the graduating students put the pro-lifers to shame. Did you hear the students BOO the pro-life guy and start chanting "Yes we Can"? It graphically showed how unimportant the students thought the pro-lifers and they out numbered them BIG time.
The whole country was treated to the spectacle of some of the most coddled and expensively-educated Catholic kids in America cheering for abortion rights and hooting at the cardinal value of Catholic moral teaching. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would suspect George Soros had paid Father Jenkins 30 pieces of silver (or more) for this day.

Opinionated Catholic has an excellent roundup of what's being said about the Notre Dame Commencement around the Catholic blogosphere.

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At 5/18/2009 9:16 AM, Blogger DP said...

There was another set of winners yesterday: namely, Jenkins and those in the ND administration who are working to make sure that the University's confessional attachment will eventually be equivalent to that of the Ivy League.

They have their reward.

At 5/18/2009 9:23 AM, Blogger Jay Anderson said...

In the long run, I don't think the ND administration will come out a "winner".

At 5/18/2009 9:42 AM, Blogger DP said...

On the eternal scales, yes. But they are basking in the esteem of their peers right now. Hence the reference to "they have their reward."

At 5/18/2009 11:31 AM, Blogger craig said...

Glendon's fear of sharing the stage with the One handed Obama the day.

At 5/18/2009 1:11 PM, Blogger DP said...

Ah, yes--blame Glendon.

Because Fr. Jenkins couldn't possibly have delivered a speech defending the Catholic and natural law principles at stake. Only an outsider can do that.

Nope--we're not ND--we're the South Bend Catholic Conference Center! Call us for a tour of our catering facilities, wedding chapel and even our renowned Learning Annex!

At 5/18/2009 9:09 PM, Blogger Jay Anderson said...

I think the graduation participants shouting down a pro-lifer with chants of "Yes we can! Yes we can!" is indicative of the sort of reception Amb. Glendon could have expected should she have decided to make things uncomfortable for The One by calling him to task for his abysmal record on life.

At 5/18/2009 11:19 PM, Blogger Susie said...

To be fair, the students were saying "We are ND," a popular chant at the school. They weren't saying "Yes we can," unless a few students were mixing that in. Given the context, though, saying "We are ND" to drown out someone protesting Obama isn't much better than "Yes we can."

At 5/19/2009 12:09 AM, Blogger Jay Anderson said...

To this day, some almost 50 years later, "progressive" Catholics still falsely claim that William F. Buckley said "Mater si, magister, no".

Sadly, as long as some of them were doing it, you can bet that 50 years from now it will be a "fact" that Notre Dame's students were chanting "Yes we can!" to drown out the protest of a pro-lifer.

The really sad thing is that a not insignificant number of Notre Dame graduates will probably brag to their grandkids that they were among those proudly proclaiming "Yes we can!"

At 5/23/2009 1:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No they won't. They will have murdered or contraceived away their children, let alone grandchildren.

I'm sorry to say this Jay, but I find your claim that "Notre Dame is the world's preeminent Catholic university" to be quite insulting. Notre Dame isn't even a blip on the map when compared to Paris let alone the Roman powerhouses, such as Angelicum or the Gregorianum.

Anthony OPL

At 5/23/2009 4:34 PM, Blogger Jay Anderson said...

Just a little hyperbole to make the case about just how "off" the whole thing was. But I probably should have said "the nation's" rather than "the world's".


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