Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Asking for an Ass Beating

(Hat tip: Mark Shea)

Disgusting behavior is rewarded rather than getting the ass beating it deserved:
For those who were shocked by Obama "faith" advisor Harry Knox knocking the Knights of Columbus, the Catholic men's group, as an "army of oppression," he is not alone. Gay activists are now taking pride in getting Knights charity drives crushed at supermarkets.

Metro Weekly, a D.C-based gay "news" magazine, honored a man for his "Storefront Stand" -- he harassed Knights of Columbus volunteers raising funds for the mentally disabled (usually with Tootsie Roll candies) outside a Safeway store in northern Virginia. Allison also succeeded in getting other Knights thrown off one Giant supermarket's property. To passers-by at Safeway, Brad Allison compared the Knights to the Ku Klux Klan: "It is a bit of an extreme point to be making, but I thought it was effective."

Each time the Knights of Columbus man would say, "Would you like to help disabled children?" I would speak up and say, "They are not helping disabled children. They gave $1.4 million to Prop 8 last year. Not a penny of that $1.4 million helped a single disabled child. They are a political group pretending to be a charitable group in order to get your money."

Again, over and over this worked. People put their dollars back in their pockets.

Metro Weekly also reported that Allison's complaints to a manager at a Giant supermarket at Greenbriar Town Center in Fairfax County were immediately successful in ending the Knights charity drive at that store...

(emphasis added)

My Comments:
I stood in front of a Wal-Mart for 2 hours on Saturday, on behalf of my local Knights of Columbus council, raising money for our local school for the mentally disabled.

If that guy had shown up at my location to harass me and slander the Knights of Columbus (not to mention deprive the mentally disabled of donations) in that manner, I'd have probably punched him in the mouth.

On the other hand, in this part of the country, his antics would've probably caused our donations to increase dramatically.

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At 5/05/2009 10:11 PM, Anonymous paul zummo said...

If that guy had shown up at my location to harass me and slander the Knights of Columbus in that manner, I'd have probably punched him in the mouth.Ditto. Being that my council is located in DC, maybe I'll get that opportunity.

At 5/05/2009 10:44 PM, Blogger Tito Edwards said...

What a disgusting retrobate.

At 5/05/2009 11:12 PM, Blogger Tom McKenna said...

Ditto here, Jay... in Richmond, an asswipe like that would be good for our KOVAR fundraising... handed out plenty of tootsie rolls myself two weekends ago.

At 5/06/2009 8:52 AM, Blogger Christine the Soccer Mom said...

I'd probably have taken him out myself. My girls and I go WITH Travel Man to the KOVAR fund raising. We put the aprons on the kids and hand them the buckets. (They collect WAY more than us. Cuteness counts.)

The idea that this scumbag is basically stealing money from KOVAR this way is sickening. All I know is that my nephew probably benefits from the program in Florida. Plus, the Knights are just the MOST amazing group. I'm so proud that Travel Man is a Knight. (And moreso after getting back from the State Convention this weekend.)

At 5/06/2009 9:40 PM, Blogger Matthew Siekierski said...

The more I think about this, the more I'm sure the guy was lying when he said that something just snapped.

Nothing he said was factually wrong (none of the $1.4 million spent on Prop 8 went to help disabled kids...that's true, although it has nothing to do with the collection being done at that time), and somebody who just snapped would have been more careless about the accusations leveled against the Knights.

I can't accept that he just snapped.

At 5/07/2009 10:54 PM, Blogger Nod said...

Well, none of you were there, but my buddy was. (I was 2.5 miles from the incident at another store with my kids -- it could have been me.)

Apparently, this was the second store he pulled this stunt at (first Giant, then Safeway, IIRC). He was making a HUGE stink over it and went into the store to complain to the manager. The manager asked us to leave to avoid having a scene at his store. My friend is 5'5" and said this guy was "very large and very upset". We decided to leave for our own safety.

It still burns me up -- can't this guy get arrested for lying and intimidation?

Meanwhile the store I was at had the Manager on duty kick us to the extreme end of the curb (literally!), b/c he wanted to run his own charity drive that day (this even after we had the store's permission to run our drive on that day.)

It's getting harder every day to do good.

At 5/07/2009 11:09 PM, Blogger Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

I'd have whipped out my phone and dialed 911 after the first time he refused my request to leave me alone.

At 5/08/2009 6:56 AM, Blogger Jay Anderson said...

Thanks for the eyewitness account, Nod.

I don't think anyone blames your friend for not wanting to risk a confrontation. I'm not a huge guy myself, so I'm not sure I'd punch a guy in the mouth if he was much bigger than I am.

But that doesn't change the fact that the guy deserved a punch in the mouth and that such a reaction would have been, in my estimation, entirely justified.

At 5/08/2009 9:47 PM, Blogger Nod said...

Sad to say, it's incidents like these that highlight the fact that activists like this behave out of envy: they "resent that another person has something they perceive themselves as lacking, and wish the other person to be deprived of it."


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