Friday, May 08, 2009

Archbishop Burke: Is Notre Dame Catholic?

National Catholic Register's Tom Hoopes reports:
“What should the Church do about Notre Dame?” I asked Archbishop Raymond Burke last night. His answer:

“What it should do is have Notre Dame come clean. Is it Catholic or isn’t it? A Catholic institution, a Catholic university, cannot give honors to someone who is a promoter of things that are opposed to the most fundamental beliefs of Catholics, and so that’s what needs to happen.”

How can the Church do that?

“There’s an apostolic constitution, Ex Corde Ecclesiae, which sets forth the requirements for a university to have the name Catholic. I think that Notre Dame has to either follow those norms or say ‘We’re not a Catholic university anymore.’”

Archbishop Burke, of course, is the prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, the Vatican’s highest court. He was archbishop of St. Louis from 2003 until last year.

At the prayer breakfast, Archbishop Burke said:

“In a culture marked by widespread and ingrained confusion about the most fundmental teachings of the moral law, our Catholic schools and universities must be beacons of truth and right conduct. “

He added, “The purposed granting of an honorary degree” by Notre Dame to Barack Obama is “the source of the greatest scandal.”

The archbishop said, “If we as individuals are not willing to accept the burdens” of the Catholic witness to the right to life, “we are not worthy of the name Catholic.”
(emphasis added)

My Comments:
Last I checked, Archbishop Burke is an actual Vatican official. As Hoopes notes above, the Archbishop "is the prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, the Vatican’s highest court".

So, given his status as an actual Vatican official, do you suppose the President's apologists (also here), his media sycophants, and the Catholic "smart set" will give Archbishop Burke's statement today the same weight of “Vatican authority” that they have given to some editorial written by a mere columnist for the Vatican’s newspaper?

In response to a similar question that I also posed at Southern Appeal, Paul Zummo provides this answer:

E.J. Dionne is no doubt reconsidering the column he wrote yesterday now that Archbishop Burke has spoken out. His next column will completely repudiate yesterday’s, and he will reconsider the issue now that this Vatican insider has loudly condemned Notre Dame.

But I wouldn’t exactly hold my breath in anticipation of such a column.
Don't worry, I'm not. I think the question I've asked pretty much answers itself.

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