Friday, February 06, 2009

"Best Feeling You'll Ever Have in Your Life ... Just Become a Parent and You'll Find Out Why"

(Hat tip: HotAir via Creative Minority Report)

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At 2/06/2009 11:00 AM, Blogger Nod said...

That's. Just. Awesome.

I'm choked up.

At 2/06/2009 3:09 PM, Blogger PB said...

Looks like the video is no longer available? Is this the one where a down syndrome kid goes into the basketball game and just starts rocking 3-pointers?

If it is, that ones great.

Makes you wonder why he didn't play before?

At 2/06/2009 3:28 PM, Blogger Nod said...

The original video can be found on at:


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