Thursday, January 08, 2009

President Bush Urges Republicans to Defend Culture of Life

(Hat tip: Catholic Online)

From LifeSiteNews:
WASHINGTON, D.C., January 7, 2009 ( - In an interview with Cal Thomas of, President Bush weighed in on the culture of life as an essential part of both the Republican Party platform and American society.

During the interview, which covered such topics as the Gaza conflict, the economy, and Bush’s relationship with the upcoming Obama administration, Thomas broached the topic of cultural issues when he noted: "Colin Powell has blamed conservatives for the party's bad performance, urges the party to abandon some of these social issues. Would they be wise to do so?"

President Bush responded: "I have, as you know, been a strong defender of the culture of life. And I believe that's an important part of our party's future.

"I will be the first to concede that laws change only after hearts change," he said, "but our party has been on the leading edge of saying to people there's a better way than what took place in the past in the country on a very sensitive issue like abortion." President Bush then emphasized the key role Republicans played and continue to play in fighting partial-birth abortion and promoting adoption.

While he noted that "good people can disagree on this issue," nonetheless, he said, "let's keep things in mind: that all life is precious; that a society is strong when it worries about the most vulnerable among us, whether it be those who are elderly, those who are sick, and those who are yet unborn."

Bush also insisted that America has "made progress on the issue of culture of life.”


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