Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For the Greater Glory: "The Catholic Gameplan for the Next 4 Years"

Michael Denton writes:
... Now is the time to shed our defense of the Republicans and move to a defense of the Church. Let us defend the Church and criticize Obama every time he steps out of line. This doesn't mean argue like Republicans; it means arguing like Catholics.

Let's not get too wrapped up in abortion that it paralyzes our ability to look at other things. During the election, all Catholics could talk about was FOCA and everything else obama was given a pass on, leading to an Obama victory among Catholics. If we're going to stop FOCA and bring Obama down we must do so by not seeking to promote the GOP first but the whole teachings of the Catholic Church. Of course abortion must be discussed, especially to those who had the audacity to claim that Obama was the pro-life candidate. We should point out how many more will be lost once the Mexico City policy ends but we shouldn't criticize Obama on only abortion. Obama is out of step with the Catholic Church on almost every step and the ones he's "with" us on are empty promises with no genuine feelings: Obama's skill is a campaigner, his only goal is to be elected to more prominence. He only cares about himself. It's up to us to point that out not only on abortion but on every single issue that he touches.

If we do that, not only will we prevent the most pro-abortion president from allowing too many more abortions, we will restore our credibility and restore an authentic voice to the Catholic Church in American politics...


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