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Breaking: Catholic Democrat Who Once Headed Up Ohio's Faith-Based Initiatives Arrested for Running Prostitution Ring [UPDATED]

Breaking news from Dave Hartline at The Catholic Report.

Here are some links that Dave provides:
Former Ohio Faith Based Director & Well Known Liberal Catholic Eric McFadden Who Featured Prominently In The Presidential Campaign For Senators John Kerry, Hillary Rodham Clinton & Barack Obama Arrested In Major Prostitution Bust In Columbus. WCMH's Mike Bowersock Broke In During The Noon News Coverage Of The Snowstorm, That We Are Having, To Report That Columbus Police Said They Have The Man Who Was The Go To Guy For Prostitution In Columbus

Link To Eric McFadden's Letter To Carl Anderson Leader Of The Knights Of Columbus Demanding Anderson Resign For Suggesting Catholics Couldn't Vote For Obama Biden Because Of Their Pro Abortion Affiliation

2007 Link Announces Eric McFadden's Appointment By Ohio Governor Ted Strickland To Head Of Ohio Faith Based Initiatives
What a joke that this guy had the gall to call on Supreme Knight Carl Anderson to resign his leadership role in the Knights of Columbus for having the temerity to question whether Catholics should vote for the pro-abortion ticket of Obama-Biden.

Here's an interview the guy did with beliefnet last year: "Exclusive: Interview with Clinton's Chief Catholic Organizer".

The guy even interviewed Doug Kmiec for beliefnet this past October: "Kmiec Responds to Criticism on Abortion Reduction 'Scam' (From Eric McFadden)".

UPDATE #3 (15 January)
This is disturbing (Hat tip: Don McClarey):
The law has finally caught up with Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good/Catholic Democrats sociopath Eric McFadden.

After many years of his stalking and psychopathic behaviors, I certainly will sleep a little more soundly at night knowing he has finally been exposed.

McFadden obsessively communicated (sometimes 20 or 30 times) the most bizarre, threatening/lunatic stuff, not only to me - but to Deal Hudson, and I'm sure other pro-lifers. Some of you may recall that once, during one of his compulsive psychotic periods of threats, I actually called the Ohio police, explained to them that his conduct was making me fearful for my life, my home, my children. They suggested I file a restraining order - which of course only makes criminally insane people all the more dangerous and I decided in prudence not to.

His communications to me were so sexually charged and threatening and along with his obsession with tormenting Deal Hudson, I always suspected there was self-loathing over some kind of sexual deviancy going on with him fueled by deranged malice towards women.

Ted Strickland is claiming to be shocked over McFadden's conduct, which I would characterize as untruthful and, I have the paper trail to prove it. I know for a fact that Strickland and his staff KNEW McFadden had a deep rooted and frightening sociopathy. Specifically, they were informed that his man particularly victimized and bullied women. Further, even though Strickland and his staff knew, they covered it up and shuffled him from their office to Hillary Clinton's national campaign. God knows how many women would have been spared McFadden's bondage if they had stepped up the plate and taken him out of commission when they had the knowledge he was a dangerous person. He used to claim Pelosi was the power behind him and would use her political power to bankrupt through false accusations, use the IRS to scrutinize your tax returns until they found something they could exploit to claim you were evading taxes, and various other delusions if anyone dared to call the police or expose him. He is a sicko.

I'm sure McFadden was confident Strickland and Clinton would cover his back as they had for many years - along with Patrick Whelan of Catholic Democrats, Chris Korzen, Alexia Kelly and other Democrats who were aware of this lunatic and kept him on the payrolls. Of course he was brazen.
Wow! On this basis of this report from Carol McKinley, I am fairly confident that Mr. McFadden may have commented at this blog on a number of occasions in 2006 and 2007 when I first began taking on Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good.

UPDATE #4 (15 January)
Is there something a little "off" about the Catholic Democrats response?
Upon hearing of the arrest, the organization, Catholic Democrats reacted saying that it is “sad news” that a “committed Catholic Democrat” has been arrested under such accusations.
(emphasis added)

UPDATE #5 (16 January)
Geniuses at The Huffington Post see the words "faith-based" and assume McFadden is a Republican. The original post said "Ohio GOPer Arrested for Running Hooker-Review Site". Upon learning of their mistake, however, the title was changed to "Ohio Pol Arrested for Running Hooker-Review Site". Got that? NOT "Ohio Dem", but "Ohio Pol".

Be sure to read the comments, which are a hoot. They all pretty much take on the tone of "Another Republican Christianist hypocrite ... Oh, wait. You mean he's one of ours? Never mind. Prostitution should be legal anyway."

(Hat tip: Collecting My Thoughts)

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At 1/14/2009 9:33 PM, Anonymous Donald R. McClarey said...

It is a big story Jay and I found out about it first from your post, and I have now put up a post on this at American Catholic. Eric McFadden was the go to guy for Democrats seeking cover on the abortion issue in regard to Catholics. That he was also involved at the same time in running a prostitution ring strikes me as fitting.

At 1/15/2009 11:03 PM, Blogger Carol McKinley said...

"Upon hearing of the arrest, the organization, Catholic Democrats reacted saying that it is “sad news” that a “committed Catholic Democrat” has been arrested under such accusations."

Yeah, that sure is creepy.

Unfortunately "it's all a conspiracy theory against a committed Catholic Democrat" is exactly what I would expect from Patrick Whelan of Catholic Democrats.

At 1/16/2009 9:20 AM, Blogger Shannon said...

I think the Catholic Democrats response makes me kind of throw up a little in my mouth. Just a reminder that in the world of politics the label "Catholic" has come to mean very, very little. It is hard enough to explain to people what it is Catholics truly believe with so much press being given to Pelosi, Biden and their ilk, without also now having to explain pimping as part parcel of the whole discussion.

At 1/16/2009 11:38 AM, Blogger Rich Leonardi said...

He posted a veiled threat of legal action to one of my posts. It sounds like I got off easy.

At 1/18/2009 4:31 PM, Blogger Carol McKinley said...

"got off easy" is quite the understatement.

At 1/30/2009 5:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was attacked by McFadden back in 2006, I was working as a hands-off escort, he found me online. He came in to see me, saying he was a hoity toity head of the Catholic Alliance. He attacked me and held me hostage in my hotel room for almost an hour. He was a very big AND MEAN MAN. I call the police, they filed a report, even arrested him for questioning. I had the session voice recoreded because that is something I always do in case something happens like this. He is screaming at me, threatening me, don't I know who he is? He had even given me a card for the catholic alliance. Police didn't press charges, I am assuming because of who he was and what my profession was. Don't believe it? Look it up, police record is on file. So how did Strickland and Clinton not know? They did, they didn't care. I THOUGHT HE WAS EITHER GOING TO RAPE ME OR KILL ME. I used my phone to call the front desk, as they came running down they corrider, they could see him zooming off out of the parking lot. He called my phone over 50 times over the next 24 hours threatening me. Scary man. Incident happened March-April 2006 during spring break.

At 1/30/2009 5:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. the reason he was so mad, I wouldn't have sex with him!!!!That is what hands off means! He says to me that he is a hobbyist, has seen many other escorts and they all had sex with him.


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