Monday, December 08, 2008

Young Faithful Catholics Jump into Political Ring

At Inside Catholic, Deal Hudson writes about the latest in a crop of young faithful Catholics getting involved in electoral politics:
As Republicans regroup in the days and months following the November election, some new faces have begun to emerge in the GOP. Among them is Rob Wasinger, a staffer for Sen. Sam Brownback for more than twelve years, the last four of them spent as Brownback's chief of staff. A Catholic convert since his sophomore year at Harvard, Wasinger became known on Capitol Hill as a highly effective expert on tax issues, human rights, human cloning, and human embryonic stem cells.

Wasinger, a political veteran at age 36, has already thrown his hat into the ring for the 1st Congressional District seat in Western Kansas, where he was born and raised. He has moved back to Kansas, and his family will be joining him in a few weeks.

Moving the Wasinger family is no small feat, given nine children, ranging in age from 3-and-a-half months to 14 years. Three girls and six boys have graced the lives of Rob and his wife, Meg, whom he married his senior year in college. Meg, a cradle Catholic, attended St. Thomas More College in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Two years before his marriage, Wasinger entered the Catholic Church after "facing on campus a lot of the social problems you see in the world at large." In the midst of the battleground of ideas at Harvard, Wasinger was "tested about what I really believe."

A reading of Augustine's Confessions, among several other Catholic classics, gave him the spiritual bearings that would soon lead him to become a pro-life advocate as a staffer to Brownback. Wasinger wrote the
Human Cloning Prohibition Act, cosponsored by Brownback and introduced in March 2007 (the bill is still pending).


In related news, Catholics in the Public Square reports on newly elected Congressman-elect Joseph Cao of Louisiana, who I previously blogged about here.

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At 12/08/2008 2:29 PM, Blogger Billy Valentine said...

I know few leaders who are skilled both politically and at the same time are brilliant policy makers. It is one thing to know how to win an election and navigate your ways to power, but it is another thing to actually know what to do once you have the power to advance your causes. Rob is one of those few. I've worked with him before, and he knows how to make things happen. He has the right ideas and has the skills to put them into action to become law.

I am proud to support Rob in his Congressional bid, and recently donated to his campaign. If we want to see this faithful pro-life Catholic in Congress, he needs our early support so that he can be competitive and ultimately win the primary. You can read more about Rob and DONATE to his campaign at

Keep Rob and his family in your prayers during this exciting, but challenging time as he runs for office.

At 12/08/2008 3:14 PM, Blogger Mike Moehlenhof said...

I can't agree more Bill. We need a conservative leader that we can trust, and I feel that Rob Wasinger will lead the country to fight for life and protect traditional marriage.

We need a congressional leader who will bring experience to the table, because Congress doesn't lend itself on the job experience. We need a leader who knows what they are doing from Day One.

You can add me to the list of supporters, as well as a contributor.

Go ROB!!!


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