Monday, November 03, 2008

Digest of Today's Posts (3 November 2008)

  • The Bottom Line

  • "An Open Letter to Our Fellow Catholics on Election Eve"

  • Amy's "Wrap-Up" of Pre-Election Abortion Coverage

  • Letter from Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson Regarding Tomorrow's Election

  • Darwin (and Others) on "Topic A": "We should, as Catholics, simply refuse to vote for any pro-abortion-rights candidate"

  • (Digest of Weekend's Posts (2 November 2008))

    Highlights from last week:
  • National Catholic Register: "Pro-Life Candidates Save Lives" [UPDATED]
  • Speaks Out Regarding Obama's Record on Life and Marriage
  • Amy Welborn: "Again…get that straw out of my face!"
  • Over 100 Bishops Have Spoken Out on Priority of Abortion and Other Life Issues When Voting
  • Faithful Citizenship & the Catholic Vote
  • Deacon Fournier: "Senator Biden, Prop 8, Marriage and the New ‘Know Nothings’"
  • In Powerful New Ad, BornAliveTruth Responds to Born-Alive Barry the Lying Pro-Abort Liar
  • Bishop Malooly Responds to Senator Biden's Comments
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