Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gov. Palin Supports Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Aliens

This will lose her some support from some Catholics on the right (take it up with the Bishops, folks), but kudos to Gov. Palin. By the way, don't look for her to get any credit for her stance from the Usual Suspects on the Catholic left, either.
Governor, let me ask you about immigration. How many undocumented immigrants are there in Alaska?
I don't know, I don't know. That's a good question.

As governor, how do you deal with them? Do you think they all should be deported?
There is no way that in the US we would roundup every illegal immigrant -there are about 12 million of the illegal immigrants- not only economically is that just an impossibility but that’s not a humane way anyway to deal with the issue that we face with illegal immigration.

Do you then favor an amnesty for the 12 or 13 million undocumented immigrants?
No, I do not. I do not. Not total amnesty. You know, people have got to follow the rules. They’ve got to follow the bar, and we have got to make sure that there is equal opportunity and those who are here legally should be first in line for services being provided and those opportunities that this great country provides.

To clarify, so you support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants?
I do because I understand why people would want to be in America. To seek the safety and prosperity, the opportunities, the health that is here. It is so important that yes, people follow the rules so that people can be treated equally and fairly in this country.
Apparently, Gov. Palin also said this:
We secure our borders first. But then with a comprehensive approach we must deal humanely with those who are here, and we must allow the steps to be taken to protect the families of those who are here, maybe as illegal immigrants today.
Some will say that Gov. Palin is merely parroting the top of the ticket. But knowing what I know about Gov. Palin, I do not find it hard to believe that she would support a "path to citizenship" approach as the most humane method of addressing the issue of undocumented aliens.

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At 10/23/2008 9:30 AM, Blogger DP said...

I don't see any problem with this either. So long as honest border security happens first, it's the only real way to address it.

And you are dead-on re: the Catholic left not giving any credit. They haven't given McCain any, why should they cut her any slack? They'd rather focus on the real issues, such as her being prayed over by an African evangelical who mentioned "witchcraft." Oh, and probably her $150K wardrobe allowance, too.

They're all about issues.


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