Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Creative Minority Report: "Save the Straw Men"

I laughed out loud at this offering from Matthew Archbold:
In this heated election season, thousands of straw men have been created with the express purpose of being knocked down, says the spokesperson of a Strawman advocacy organization.

Save the Straw Men was created to raise awareness of the horrors done to straw men who are often created on a whim only to be intentionally knocked down and discarded.

"I don't get it. These people create us only to knock us down," said one straw man who was created to further the argument that pro-lifers only want to push religion on others - much like during the Inquisition.

"Nobody even knew what he was talking about," said the straw man of his creator. "Frankly, I'm disappointed. I mean who would create life just to destroy it?"

My Comments:
Folks, as parody goes, Matthew's piece is a thing of beauty.

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