Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Nonpartisan" Catholics United Attacks the Knights of Columbus

Darwin has the details and an excellent rebuttal:

... Let me reply, both as a fellow Catholic and as a Knight, to Chris Korzen and to James Salt, the "organizing director" who is the signatory to all the emails that go out from Catholics United:

Your attitude towards the open letter from Supreme Knight Carl Anderson is not only disappointing, it is deplorable. You and your organization should be ashamed of yourselves and of your politicization of Catholic teaching in order to support the most pro-abortion candidate ever to seek of the office of President of the United States.

Further, your attempts to attack McCain and uphold Obama on "pro-life" grounds are misguided to the point of being morally disgusting.

Moreover, it is doubly hypocritical for you to first attack Republicans for not agreeing with your opinions as to what specific policies are actually most conducive to the common good, and then denounce the Knights for asserting basic Catholic teaching about the morality of abortion. The truth can never be a distraction from the "real issues".

I assume that you are in earnest in your belief that progressive policies are most conducive to the Common Good. If you called yourselves "Progressives United" that would be all well and good. But to call yourselves "Catholics United" and then denounce those who put forth basic Catholic teachings, while acting as if your personal policy preferences have the stamp of doctrinal necessity is the height of dishonesty.

[Read the whole thing]
My Comments:
Amen, worthy Brother Knight.

Spelling out for Sen. Biden the Church's position on abortion is a "distraction from the serious and urgent issues Americans are facing"? Another worthy Brother Knight, Regular Guy Paul, is exactly right in pointing out the fallacy inherent in the "nonpartisan" Catholics United's criticism: As if the well-being and legal protection of the unborn isn't a "serious and urgent issue"!

That group should change their name to "Catholic Partisan Hacks United to Elect Obama".

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