Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fr. Longenecker on Voting Your Values

Fr. Longenecker writes:
... from now on I will not voice my enthusiasm for Sarah Palin as a politician, nor will I criticize Barack Obama or Joe Biden by name. Instead I will simply outline the issues for my readers so that they can make the choice that is most spiritually sound, and most consistent with the Catholic faith.

So let's be absolutely clear: I believe that Catholics should not vote for a person who votes for partial birth abortion or supports abortion in any way. They should not vote for a party that supports abortion formally on their platform. Especially Catholics should find it abhorrent to vote for a person who proclaims himself to be a Catholic, yet publicly dissents from the Church's teaching on the matter of abortion.

On the other hand, Catholics should find it easy to vote for politicians who are not only pro life, but who live it out by having a large family. If, for instance there were a politician who had a baby with Downs Syndrome and did not have an abortion, that would be a good example of a pro life person. If their running mate adopted a baby from Mother Teresa's orphanage--a baby with a severe cleft palate--that also would be a good example of a pro life candidate.
LOL! I love it. I wish more priests would "not endorse" candidates in the same manner Fr. Longenecker has.


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