Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bubba Twists the Knife [UPDATED]

  • Fox News Blames Democrats for Financial Crisis, Bill Clinton Agrees
    Going very much against the media meme that the current financial crisis is all George W. Bush and the Republicans' fault, Bill Clinton on Thursday told ABC's Chris Cuomo that Democrats for years have been "resisting any efforts by Republicans in the Congress or by me when I was President to put some standards and tighten up a little on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac" (video available here, relevant section at 2:45).

    Whether he knew it or not, Clinton was going against virtually all press outlets that have been pointing fingers at Republicans since this crisis began, and likely much to the dismay of such folk actually agreed with a Fox News segment aired on Tuesday's "Special Report"...

  • McCain’s acting in good faith in pulling out of the debate, says Clinton

  • Via Breitbart, here he is from this morning’s GMA, just a week after calling McCain a “great man” and mere hours before stressing how “personally, profoundly honored” he is to have him speak at his charity. This must be the first time since … ever that he and Gingrich have agreed on something. Think he’s enjoying feeding The One this turdburger in bite-sized morsels as thanks for all the racial demagoguery thrown at him during the primary?

    The best part of this isn’t the “good faith” bit but his point — which he repeats, so that no one misses it — that Maverick actually wanted more debates, not less. That’ll be a handy riposte tomorrow if McCain ends up skipping out and the left starts accusing him of being scared. Exit question that’s really not a question: Dude, he’s totally voting Republican this year, isn’t he?

    My Comments:
    They may be publicly endorsing Sen. Obama, but I have a feeling that both President Clinton and Sen. Clinton, in the privacy of the voting booth, may be pulling the lever for Sen. McCain.

    Leftwing Blogosphere Enraged Over Bill Clinton's Defense of McCain Debate Delay Request

    Heh. I wonder what they think of Pres. Clinton's blaming the Fannie/Freddie debacle on the Democrats' "resisting any efforts by Republicans in the Congress or by me when I was President to put some standards and tighten up a little on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac"?

    Previous Pro Ecclesia posts on this subject:
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    At 9/25/2008 12:43 PM, Blogger Not really Manuel II said...

    "Call me a racist, eh?"

    --Bubba's Internal Monologue.

    Someone at Hot Air made the witty observation that Obama hasn't learned that it's not a good idea to have the Clintons behind you.

    On the other hand, it does seem that McCain and the Clintons are on good terms professionally. Mixed motives, so to speak.

    At 9/25/2008 5:36 PM, Blogger LarryD said...

    Jay - I agree with you. If Obama were to win, Hil's next chance to run will be 2016. If he loses, she has 2012 to look forward to. That's why I don't believe any of these rumors swirling around that Biden will be kicked off the ticket after the VP debate and replaced with Hillary. Unless Barack were to win, and he become "Foster'd"....not that I'm saying' anything by that or nothing!


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