Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Political Round-Up [UPDATED]

Wow! So much of political interest to Catholics happened over the weekend.

I've been on vacation (actually a "staycation") with family visiting from out of town, so I'm not exactly up to speed. Rather than try to cover it all myself, this post is going to link to what others are saying about the political news of the day. I will continue to update it throughout the day.

Democrat Convention
  • Obama crowd finds new unity

    The activist nun Helen Prejean drew quite a bit of support from the crowd in her condemnation of Bush administration actions at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, and only a little less enthusiasm for her condemnation of the death penalty. Vice presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks for a lot of centrist Democrats with his views on the issue, and was a principal author of a crime bill to expand the reach of the federal death penalty.

    Even though she was the most popular speaker of the day, even Prejean lost the crowd when she questioned what kind of God would demand the death of a son, as many of the Christian churches represented at the gathering consider intrinsic to the crucifixion story.

    "What kind of a god do we believe in?" she asked. "What kind of father would demand the death of a son?"
  • "A Prayer for Change" Announces Denver Schedule at Catholic Online

  • Sen. Biden
  • Catholics Against Joe Biden
  • Deacon Keith Fournier: Obama Chooses Senator Biden for VP and the Battle for Life is Engaged by me at Catholics Against Joe Biden
  • Biden's Cultural Catholicism by Patrick at Creative Minority Report
  • About Biden, let's ask the right questions well by Dr. Ed Peters
  • Denver Archbishop Chaput: Biden should refrain from communion; "looks forward to speaking with him privately" at by Christopher at Catholics Against Joe Biden
  • Biden's Position of Convenience by Darwin at Catholics Against Joe Biden

  • Speaker Pelosi
  • Nancy Pelosi professes ignorance of human reproductive biology; Amy Welborn notifies U.S. Bishops of a "teaching moment" by Christopher at Catholics in the Public Square
  • Ardent by Amy Welborn
  • Pelosi: St. Augustine Was Pro-Choice Too by Matthew at Creative Minority Report

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