Monday, August 18, 2008

Mark Stricherz' New Blog: New Catholic Politics

(Hat tip: Christopher Blosser at Catholics in the Public Square)

Mark Stricherz, author of Why the Democrats are Blue: Secular Liberalism and the Decline of the People’s Party and a contributor to and, has a new blog called New Catholic Politics:
Why is the site named New Catholic Politics? The old Catholic politics has been based on a modern political division. Conservative Catholics are culturally and fiscally conservative, while liberal Catholics are culturally and economically moderate or liberal. A new Catholic politics should be based on a unity rooted in Christian humanism in general and Catholic social teaching specifically. It accepts the conservatives’ insight that extending legal protection to the unborn is a foundational issue, but it agrees with liberals that social-justice issues are too often dismissed as prudential judgments.
Added to the blogroll.

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