Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Is This REALLY the Image Sen. Obama Wants to Portray Right After the Dem Convention?

Ed Morrisey reports:
... On the second day of the Republican Convention, Obama will do some low-key fundraising … among Hollywood heavyweights … in Geneva, Switzerland. George Clooney will arrange for a $1,000 a plate reception, but that’s just the appetizer:

Academy award winning actor George Clooney is set to host a fundraiser for Barack Obama in Switzerland next month.

The event, taking place on the evening of September 2 in Geneva, Switzerland will be split into two parts: a reception and a dinner. According to Obama’s National Finance Committee, tickets for the reception where Clooney will speak are going for $1,000, followed by a dinner at the home of NFC member Charles Adams for $10,000 a plate. Space for the dinner is limited to 75 guests.
Maybe during the convention, the Republicans can dedicate a large-screen monitor at the Xcel Center to keep track of Obama’s second European jaunt of the campaign. They could call it, “Where In The World Is Barack Obama?” The show could track him through the summer houses of the rich and famous Americans who can afford to own villas overseas, and put dollar signs up on a map wherever he stops off for some foie gras.

Shouldn’t Obama be campaigning in, say, America after the [Democrat] convention? ...

(emphasis added)

My Comments:
Holy crap! Talk about handing your political opponents some prime material that plays right into the perception they want to create of you in the minds of the voters.

How about - immediately after the Democrat convention and without stopping until Election Day - going out and meeting and spending time with some REAL-LIFE everyday Americans in some of those swing states you'll need to win in order to get elected?

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At 8/06/2008 11:23 PM, Blogger Christopher said...

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At 8/06/2008 11:25 PM, Blogger Christopher said...

Well Jay, you know, Obama IS America. He's lived the American dream and the story of his life reflects every capstone of twentieth century American history. He's perfectly attuned to every man, woman and child -- in Him there is no Red State, no Blue State. Barriers of sex and race are of no consequence. He knows -- as a Light Bringer, he is perfectly attuned to the wants and needs and sentiments of the little people.

So the way I see it, he can jaunt over to Europe and schmooze with the upper crust. Those 10 thousand dollar plates? -- that's just Obama's way of divesting the "fat cat elite" of their wealth for a brief moment to bask in his glow.

After all, how do you think he's going to pay for universal health care?

At 8/07/2008 5:58 AM, Blogger Donald R. McClarey said...

Old Democrat pols must be shaking their heads in dismay. Obama isn't even smart enough to pretend not to be a limousine liberal until after election day. This man is so out of touch with the average voter that they might as well be inhabitants of different planets. The mainstream media is focused about race, while Obama's problem is all about class. Blue collar dems realize they have virtually nothing in common with this Harvard millionaire. McCain, on the other hand, as his reception by the bikers at Sturgis indicates, with his war record has no problems with class at all.

At 8/07/2008 10:11 AM, Blogger Tito Edwards said...

I'm under the M.O. of just standing back and watch this candidate self-destruct all by himself.


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