Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Durbin's Catholic Scorecard: Biden Rates Only 50%

At Catholics Against Joe Biden, Christopher links to Jeff Miller's excellent find:

Sen. Dick Durbin had put out a scorecard called "Evaluating the Votes and Actions of Public Officials from a Catholic Perspective" where each Catholic Senator was suppose to be evaluated against Catholic doctrine and USCCB "full range of issues." It was a quite laughable attempt since it had Kerry at the top with Sen. Santorum towards the bottom. [ED.: In fact, there was only 1 pro-life Republican in the top 10.] But I decided to look it up again to see where even this heavily biased scorecard placed Sen. Biden.

... Sen "My views are totally consistent with Catholic social doctrine" Biden gets scored at only 50% by his fellow Catholic Democrat on a scale that was totally relativistic in regard to issues.
So, even according to as biased a measure as Sen. Durbin's scorecard, Sen. Biden's voting record is, contrary to his assertion that his "views are totally consistent with Catholic social doctrine", at best, only 50% in alignment with the Church's teachings.

And, as Jeff points out, topping Sen. Durbin's list as the "most Catholic" U.S. Senator was none other than Sen. John F. Kerry, with an overall score of 60.9%.*

(Which, of course, was quite convenient given that the scorecard came out in 2004, and Sen. Kerry just so happened to be the Democrat Party's presidential nominee that year. Is there any doubt that if the scorecard were to have come out this week, rather than 4 years ago, Sen. Biden would be at the top of the list?)

At any rate, if we're to take Sen. Durbin's scorecard for what it claims to be, Sen. Biden rates worse than Sen. Kerry from the perspective of having a voting record in accord with Catholic teaching.

* Sen. Durbin humbly rated himself a close 2nd at 60.5%.

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