Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Casey, Jr. Disappoints; Glosses Over Life Issues [UPDATED]

Defender of the unborn. But don’t say it too loudly by The Cranky Conservative

"He Likes Me! He Really Likes Me!" by Jay Nordlinger

The Great Pro Life Hope of the Democrat Party by Opinionated Catholic

Bob Casey May Not Strongly Oppose Abortion in Democratic Convention Speech at

Casey, an Abortion Opponent, Praises Obama at The New York Times

Casey calls abortion stance difference an 'honest disagreement' at The Harrisburg Patriot-News

Casey lauds Obama as 'one of us' at Allentown Morning Call

Like Father, Not Like Son - Bob Casey ducks and covers at National Review Online:
Denver — There was a great shame here at the Pepsi Center on Tuesday night. Pennsylvania senator Robert P. Casey Jr. spoke to the Democratic Convention. His presence at the podium was acclaimed by all quarters as a clear sign that Democrats are an open tent, that the party is not closed to those who defend human life. Casey said: “Barack Obama and I have an honest disagreement on the issue of abortion. But the fact that I'm speaking here tonight is testament to Barack’s ability to show respect for the views of people who may disagree with him.”

That’s an easy call for Obama to make in the case of Casey, who provides no leadership on the abortion issue. Casey is so not the leader that his speech didn’t even dare to mention what is the point of disagreement between the Keystone State senator and the nominee of his party. The word “life” never crossed his lips.

(Disclaimer: It's by Kathryn "On ... Waterboarding ... Not One of Us" Lopez, so take it for whatever it's worth)

UPDATE #2 (28 August)
Bob Casey Jr.: "Give Me 15 Minutes and I'll Overlook Death!" at Creative Minority Report

UPDATE #3 (28 August)
Catholic League: Senator Casey 'Blows It' at DNC

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At 8/27/2008 11:51 AM, Blogger Jeff Miller said...

I didn't find it disappointing. It was exactly what I expected. The chance of someone fully pro-life speaking at the DNC convention is zero.


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