Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Year Ago Today ...

... Sen. Obama said the following in a speech to Planned Parenthood:

"On this fundamental issue [the so-called "constitutional right" to abortion], I will not yield and Planned Parenthood will not yield."
~ Barack Obama in remarks to Planned Parenthood, 17 July 2007 (Transcribed by Laura Echevarria,
Since that speech 1 year ago, Sen. Obama has followed up on his promise to Planned Parenthood with additional commitments to the abortion lobby. Such as this one on the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade:

"Thirty-five years after the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade, it's never been more important to protect [legalized abortions]... Throughout my career, I've been a consistent and strong supporter of [so-called abortion "rights"]."
~ Barack Obama, celebrating the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, 22 January 2008
And this one just last week:

"I will never back down in defending a woman's right to choose. That's what's at stake [in this election]... Senator McCain has made it abundantly clear that he wants to appoint justices like Roberts and Alito - and that he hopes to see Roe overturned. I stand by my votes against confirming Justices Roberts and Alito."
~ Barack Obama, 10 July 2008

This may be the most offensive line in the whole speech that Obama delivered last 17 July:

Thanks to all of you at Planned Parenthood for all the work that you are doing for women all across the country and for families all across the country — and for men, who have enough sense to realize you are helping them ...
First off, thanking Planned Parenthood "for all the work that [they] are doing ... for families" is a little like thanking General Sherman for all his contributions to the prosecution of just wars.

But its the second part of that quote to which I take particular offense: "... for all the work that you are doing ... for men, who have enough sense to realize you are helping them ..."

That's disgusting. First, it is offensive to all those men who would do the right thing by their children, but who are powerless under Roe v. Wade to have any say in ensuring that their children are born. Second, it is offensive because the greatest beneficiaries of Roe v. Wade are the deadbeats who want to get their rocks off and then walk away without being burdened by the consequences of caring for the women and the unborn children they leave behind.

Yes, Planned Parenthood, thank you for all the work that you are doing on behalf of those members of the male sex (I won't call them "men" - men own up to their responsibilities) who are horny, selfish, and irresponsible, and who, I am quite sure, are well aware of the service you are providing for them.

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At 7/17/2008 9:53 AM, Blogger Dale said...

Gerald Campbell can't hear you--to the tune of "Edelweiss," he's singing an ode entitled "Hope and Change."

At 7/17/2008 10:01 AM, Blogger Darwin said...

In an election where I'm disenchanted with all the candidates (even the third party ones) the one thing that keeps me determined to vote against Obama is that I don't want to have to listen to this kind of stuff coming out of the White House for four to eight years.

If he really wants to be a post culture war candidate, someone needs to teach him to STFU. I don't expect it a bit, though. The "culture war" will continue until they die out, or they extingish out culture, one of the two.


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