Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama's "Director of Catholic Outreach" Won't "Reach Out" to Catholics Who Listen to Catholic Radio

(Hat tip: Fidelis)

Catholic News Agency reports:
Ann Arbor, Jul 11, 2008 / 02:11 pm (CNA).- Mark Linton, director of Catholic Outreach for the Obama Campaign, refused to appear on a Catholic radio show to explain Obama’s views regarding abortion and address his accusations of supporting infanticide.

The Detroit-based radio show, hosted by Al Kresta, founder of Ave Maria Communications and best-selling Catholic author, wanted to invite both Mark Linton and Deal Hudson, the director of, onto his radio show. Nick Thomm, the producer for Kresta’s show, explained to CNA, “[Linton] is the National Catholic outreach guy and he disagrees with Deal Hudson over the facts surrounding Obama’s record on abortion. So we figured we’d have them both on the show to hash it out.”

Hudson has written several articles questioning Obama’s stance on abortion and infanticide due to his refusal to pass the Born Alive Infant Protect Act in the Illinois Senate. Linton responded on July 4 by sending out an email criticizing Hudson and attempting to clarify Obama’s abortion position.

My Comments:
"Linton responded on July 4 by sending out an email criticizing Hudson ..."

As I noted Friday and earlier today, the M.O. of the Catholics supporting Obama is not to address the abortion issue head on, but rather to deflect attention by changing the subject and/or criticizing the other side.

That's some "Catholic outreach" guy Obama has who won't even go on one of the most-listened-to Catholic radio shows to explain to Catholics how his candidate is "a Catholic natural".

Perhaps it's some indication of the sort of Catholics to whom Obama is "reaching out"?

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At 7/14/2008 12:46 PM, Blogger Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Perhaps it's some indication of the sort of Catholics to whom Obama is "reaching out"?

That's what I've been telling you, Jay. The Obama campaign isn't trying to persuade pro-life Catholics, it's just trying to give cover to the pro-aborts who want to continue pretending to be pro-life while they vote for Obama, like Doug Kmiec, Morning's Minion, and a crowd of others I could name.

At 7/14/2008 8:22 PM, OpenID discalcedyooper said...

No offense to Catholic radio, but they aren't really in a position to be surprised at anyone who declines their invitation to be on. Kresta, who I haven't heard in at least 3 years due to Relevant Radio developing its own content, isn't the Larry King of the Catholic world, although he seems like a good enough guy. I would be surprised if he responded to a friendly interogatory from me, something where he could plan a response on his time table and not concern himself with a hostile cross.

At 7/15/2008 4:41 PM, Blogger jedi787plus said...

If Obama chooses Chuck Hagel, a pro-lifer, as his VP, then I won't mind voting for him. Currently, the biggest issues are the Iraq War (which the Catholic Church opposed from the beginning), Global Warming, Health Care, and the Economy. Obama will more likely spend most of his four Presidential years tackling these issues; I don't think he'll have enough time to directly tackle the abortion issue before the 2012 Elections, especially if Congress becomes dominated with pro-lifers.


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