Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blackadder: "On the Wonders of the Government Paying for Health Care"

Blackadder has an interesting post about the Oregon Health Plan:
... Last month her lung cancer, in remission for about two years, was back. After her oncologist prescribed a cancer drug that could slow the cancer growth and extend her life, Wagner was notified that the Oregon Health Plan wouldn’t cover it.

It would cover comfort and care, including, if she chose, doctor-assisted suicide.

“We can’t cover everything for everyone,” said Dr. Walter Shaffer, medical director of the state Division of Medical Assistance Programs, which administers the Oregon Health Plan.

“I think it’s messed up,” Wagner said, bursting into tears.

“The letter said doctor-assisted suicide would be covered. To say to someone, `we’ll pay for you to die, but not pay for you to live,’ it’s cruel,” she said. “I get angry. Who do they think they are?” ...
Definitely read the whole thing.

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